Private Placements of Securities (Bonds)

  • Acting as trustee for bondholders of private placements of series of securities (bonds) backed by a general commitment of the issuer and backed by cash flow;
  • Hermetic Trust serves as a trustee for issues of bonds that are offered to institutional investors under private placement without a prospectus. In these series of bonds, the issuers are raising bonds backed by cash flow, intended in most cases to fund equity and interim financing (MEZZANINE) for projects in Israel and abroad. In cases where the bonds are backed by subordinate securities, Hermetic Trust plans, together with the issuer and the investors, the securities that will be granted to the bondholders (the range of securities is wide and may include: mortgaging real estate, collateralization of contractual rights, including rights to receipt of monies, collateralization of securities, and more.)
  • Trust services for private placement bonds include the preparation of trust documents, close supervision of the registration of securities that were granted to the bondholders, reporting to investors, and safeguarding investor (the bondholders) interests until the bonds are fully redeemed, ongoing supervision of the issuer and its business, participation in stockholder meetings of the issuer, direct contact with the rating companies – if the bond is rated, preparation of annual reports to the bondholders, and, if needed, organizing bondholder meetings.
  • The experience and reputation that Hermetic Trust has acquired during its years of activity have made it one of the most popular trust companies among Israeli institutional bodies. Hermetic Trust serves as trustee for the private placement bonds of many of these companies, but for reasons of privilege, it is not possible to list them here. The overall scope of private bonds for which Hermetic Trust acts as trustee is greater than 100,000,000,000 New Israeli Shekels and these bonds are secured by assets in Israel and abroad.
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